Does your staff need Linux training but you have no budget for travel or want to avoid the hassles of travel? provides cost effective onsite training across Canada saving you both travel costs and hassles.



Travel is not only an expensive hassle these days, it's tiring. Nobody enjoys being subjected to long lines and endless airport security checks.  Travelling is tiring both before and after class.  Forget the travel trouble and arrive at your office as usual but take a class instead.  You'll get more out of the class and be more productive when you can focus properly.

Your instructor is focused on your company. Since classes are held privately at your facilities, your instructor can provide insight into your specific issues without worrying about other participants from other companies.  Group collaboration is enhanced and so is the overall training experience.


Why choose for your onsite class?

  • Industry standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Top quality courseware from Guru Labs
  • Instructor certification and industry experience
  • Substantial savings through elimination of participant travel costs, affordable course pricing, volume discounts, and course bundles.
  • Train up to 20 participants at once or split them between multiple classes.

Get Started

It's easy!  Pick a date, choose one or more courses, and then estimate the total cost based on the number of participants and other available promotions.   Then contact us to discuss your training requirements and receive a free no obligation firm quotation.


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